Christopher Tate

A UK based artist, who has a thirst for travel, exploring cities, towns and landscapes across New York, Paris, Rome, Venice and London. He is inspired by architecture and other artists work. His dedicated and ritualistic practice has been part of his life since the age of five years old, when he ignited his love for drawing. His creative zone offers a quiet and focused space for him to contemplate and express himself through his distinctive language of mark making and colour.

The artist’s studio sets the scene for his artwork, surrounded by art books ranging from David Hockney to Quentin Blake and graphic novels such as Maus, with the backdrop of the unmissable yellow wall where he enjoys to cook (a notable colour in his palette) with the soft soundtrack of podcasts in the background.

His distinctive style was noticed by Viv Hendra, Director of Lander Gallery whilst studying Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts, which ignited a long lasting relationship where he was represented for over 10 years and was commissioned to create a series of limited edition National Trust illustrations.

When gazing at one of Tate’s artworks, you are presented with buildings and landscapes of stature, expressing character and dominance of the places he has visited, offering a view through the artist’s lens.

Christopher Tate’s artwork is collected across the globe and held at institutions such as Falmouth Art Gallery. He has been commissioned to create illustrations for private and corporate clients, for buildings and landscapes such as MI6 Building in London and various locations across Cornwall.

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