Having collaborated with Salt Projects on events I have been struck by Charlotte’s joyful innovation, tenacious ‘can do’ approach, practical know-how and her next level organisation skills. She makes the right things happen, at the right time and in the right way. I have also welcomed Charlotte as an artist representative at the Cornwall Shop Small Markets where I have been impressed by the creative consideration, pragmatic support and passionate dedication that she gives to each of her artists. If you have the opportunity to work with Charlotte I recommend you take it!
Sarah, Founder, Cornwall Shop Small.
Charlotte is developing a business that links creativity, organisational and administrative services and community development. Her commitment to realising a persona vision of a vibrant society through delivering projects for an expanding client base is a good benchmark for other creative people wanting to make a difference and a living. Her growing portfolio of achievements is slowly but surely generating greater happiness.
Bert Biscoe – Mayor of Truro 2020-2021
Charlotte has been an amazing support for me. She has helped me unravel my bundle of creative ideas and organise them into projects. Helped with editing quite a lot of my written work and art applications. And is always on hand for advice and curation. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with her in 2021 and beyond. So brilliant to find someone so versatile and talented. Thank you Charlotte.
Sarah Eddy
This is a heartfelt thank you for the success of John’s recent retrospective show. I have been very impressed by the quality of its organisations and presentation. Once again, thank you.
Bill Henderson
I think the day went extremely well, and we have had lots of great feedback from both members of the public and organisations who participated on the day. You had very little time to organise the event, and normally these things would take months, however you pulled it off in just a few weeks. Organising something like Remembrance Day is a very tricky task, and it’s important to get it right because of how public it is. You did a wonderful job.
I, and Truro City Council, am very grateful to you for all your hard work, Charlotte. Thank you.
Steven Webb – Mayor of Truro 2021-2022